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Job Location and Development
(Non Work Study Job Opportunities)

Employer Information, JLDP Policy Statement and Job Posting Form

What is the Job Location and Development Program?

The Job Location and Development Program (JLDP) is a federally funded program that provides job listings to students who seek part-time and seasonal employment opportunities.  It serves all students who are currently enrolled part-time or full-time at Rutgers University.

What types of jobs are listed?  Are there any restrictions to the type of job I can post?

Most part-time or seasonal part- and full-time jobs can be posted.  Jobs may range from unskilled to highly technical.

How does the program work?

Jobs are posted on-line.  We have a jobs database, which lists jobs that can range from entry-level positions to those which require special skills.  Students from all 3 campuses have access to the database. After viewing a job it is up to the student to contact you, the employer, for an interview.

We do NOT post positions that:

  • are volunteer

  • are more than 20 hours per week - except during the holiday and summer seasons**(while we list full-time seasonal opportunities, all other full-time positions may be referred to the Rutgers  Career Service Office, especially those intended for post graduation).

  • consist of payment for participation as a research subject.

  • require an initial investment by the student

  • commission only positions (positions that have a salary plus commission are acceptable).  

  • employment agencies or agencies that charge fees to employers.

  • are performed in private homes (i.e. childcare, door-to-door solicitation, gardening, housekeeping, respite care, personal tutoring, etc.) or are of the nature of a personal assistant.

How can I post a job on the Rutgers web-site?

It is quite simple.  You can post jobs directly on line If you prefer, you can call our office at 848-932-2648 and we will fax you the job posting form to fill out which then you must fax back to us, and then we will post the job on-line for you.  ***Please note although you can post jobs on-line directly, in order to remove the job posting, you must contact our office at the telephone number above***

JLD Policy Statement

The Rutgers University Job Location and Development Program is a federally funded program administered by the Student Employment Office.  As a recipient of these federal funds, we are required to report certain employment statistics about the students placed through our service.  We do not report any specific information about the positions or the employers.  We do contact all employers using our service to determine if they have hired any Rutgers University students through the JLD Program. 

The information that we require is: 

  • student's name

  • school affiliation (i.e. Cook, Busch, Livingston, Rutgers College, College of Engineering, etc.)

  • start date

  • hourly wage

  • number of hours the student works per week

We use the following criteria in reviewing positions for postings:

  • all employers must provide complete contact information, including a complete mailing address, work location, telephone number and the full name of the person we should contact should we have any questions.

  • for each position listed, the employer must provide at minimum, the following information: job title, essential duties of the job, any special skills required, how to apply, hours of work per week required,  hourly rate of pay  and when the position is available. 

Employers MUST intend on issuing to the student appropriate documentation of the student's annual wages (e.g. W-2). 


The Student Employment Office reserves the right to not post any position we feel does not compliment and reinforce students' educational programs or vocational goals or is not in compliance with University Policy. 









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