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Job Location and Development Program (JLDP)

Click on “Posting Jobs” above to complete the JLDP online job posting form. Note that job postings are not immediately visible to students. All JLDP jobs go through a Student Employment Office approval process, and once approved, are released for student view. Once the job posting has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation email message with instructions.

Deleting or Editing Jobs Postings

In order to remove or edit a job posting, it is necessary to contact the Student Employment Office (SEO) at jldp@ofa.rutgers.edu. Our JLDP Coordinator will delete or update the posting accordingly. Please be sure to provide a phone number in your email message to contact you, should we have questions or concerns. JLDP job postings will be deleted or edited on weekdays within a 24-hour period.

Defining the JLDP

The JLDP is a federally-funded student employment program, which provides part-time and seasonal employment opportunities to all currently-enrolled, Rutgers University students. Part-time and seasonal jobs are posted to a University jobs database, which lists jobs ranging from entry-level to highly-skilled positions.

JLDP funding supports job recruitment and promotions. The SEO seeks viable part-time job opportunities for students, and promotes those opportunities to currently-enrolled University students. The JLDP is open to students on the New Brunswick, Newark, Camden and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences campuses.

Students review the online JLDP jobs database for employment opportunities. They are instructed to contact participating employers directly. Employers arrange job interviews, and make hiring decisions independent of SEO oversight.

JLDP Jobs Requirements

The SEO seeks part-time and seasonal employment opportunities for students that provide transferable skills, which are skills that students acquire in one job, but can use at any job, or all jobs, thereafter. While the SEO primarily seeks paraprofessional positions, we are also open to accepting unskilled labor jobs, and short-term employment opportunities.

JLDP positions require the hiring parties have formal payroll systems in place. All students must be paid by check or direct deposit through traditional payroll systems. Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year, which runs from September through May, and cannot work more than 40 hours per week during semester breaks. Students cannot be charged a fee to work for any employer.

Acceptable Jobs

Desirable JLDP positions include, but are not limited to, employment in the fields of business, communication/media, customer service, education, entertainment, graphic arts, health professions, information technology, law, restaurant/hotel management and retail/sales and marketing. While these are very desirable employment categories for Rutgers students, we are very open to accepting alternative modes of employment, such as landscaping, hauling/removal services, cashiers, general restaurant service workers, etc., as well as temporary or quick jobs, such as commercial snow removal, short-term event planning, and interim research opportunities.

Unacceptable Jobs

Unacceptable JLDP jobs include, but are not limited to, volunteer positions, jobs that require more than 20 hours per week during the academic year, jobs that consist of payment for participation as a research subject, jobs that require initial investment by the student, commission-only positions (positions that offer salary plus commission are acceptable), employment through staffing agencies or agencies that charge fees to employers, and jobs that are performed in private homes (such as child care, door-to-door solicitation, private tutoring, respite care or personal assistant).

JLDP Policies Statement

The JLDP is managed by the SEO with federal funds. As such, the SEO is required to report certain employment statistics about the students placed through the JLDP. The SEO does not report any specific information about the positions or the employers. However, SEO staff will contact all employers using our service to determine if they have hired any Rutgers University students. The information required by the SEO is student's name, start date, hourly wage, and number of hours worked each week.

Employers MUST issue appropriate documentation of the student's annual wages to the student each calendar year, such as W-2 forms. The SEO reserves the right to reject job postings that do not compliment and reinforce student educational programs or co-curricular goals, or that are not in compliance with federal or University Policy.